A letter from our CEO

Higher education enterprises are in turbulent times. Even in the midst of severe economic constraints, the demands on institutions continue to increase. The prevailing move towards responsibility-centered budgeting has drawn clear lines regarding the need for each school and each program within a university’s structure to show revenue viability and forward-thinking growth. While this is challenging enough in the best of times, the prospect of budget cuts, stricter Title IV regulations and decreasing state support has required resource-constrained programs to generate immediate enrollment growth without additional financial investments.

Embanet has served colleges and universities across North America since 1993, offering a unique revenue-sharing model that allows for the development and delivery of fully online degree programs with minimal initial capital investment from our partner institutions. We proudly work with institutions such as Wake Forest University, Vanderbilt University, the University of Florida, Brandeis University, the University of Southern California, Boston University, George Washington University, Howard University, University of Cincinnati, Washington State University, Ohio University and many others to provide the expertise and the financial resources necessary to grow their online programs while maintaining the highest academic standards.

If you are considering offering fully online programs, if you have been frustrated by disappointing growth in your current online programs, or if you are looking to take successful programs to the next level through increased expertise and funding, I would encourage you to find out more about what a partnership with Embanet can do for you.

Steve Fireng
CEO, President