Our Management Team

Building the bridge from business to academia.
When you initially meet a member of the management team of Embanet, one thing becomes immediately clear; we are deeply knowledgeable and passionate about the business of higher education. As you spend more time with us you’ll discover that we’re fully invested in building lasting, mutually beneficial and profitable partnerships that balance the needs and requirements of academia with the business of online learning.

  • Stephen Fireng

    Chief Executive Officer and President

    Providing strong accessible leadership, Steve Fireng has helped position Embanet as the leading provider of online learning solutions.

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  • Patrick Donoghue

    Chief Financial Officer

    A Certified Public Accountant and the Embanet financial authority, CFO Patrick Donoghue provides experience and fiscal guidance.

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  • Dr. Gloria Pickar

    Group President and Chief Academic Officer

    Responsible for cultivating mutually beneficial relationships with our academic partners, Dr. Gloria Pickar is an integral member of our leadership team.

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  • Paul Gleason

    Chief Operating Officer

    Providing extensive experience in educational leadership and instructional technologies, Paul Gleason helps Embanet pursue technological innovation.

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  • Mike Purcell

    Executive Vice President of Business Development

    With an extensive background in higher education, Mike Purcell provides leadership to business development and helps build lasting relationships with our Academic Partners.

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  • Nikki Zinman

    Senior Vice President of Human Resources

    Responsible for the overall human resources strategy at Embanet, Nikki Zinman supports our purpose, values and business initiatives.

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