Our Mission

This is how we build relationships.
We are passionate about the business of higher education. It’s one of the primary reasons we’ve become the strategic partner of choice for colleges and universities who want to expand the reach of their degree programs through online learning.

In our pursuit of quality academic and business outcomes we work conscientiously to implement our core values into everything we do. It’s this commitment that helps to safeguard our partners’ academic integrity while generating positive results that go beyond the bottom line.

At Embanet our mission is to maximize the enrollment of qualified students, fully support the online learning experience and facilitate graduation by providing capital and expertise in program development, marketing, admissions, technical support and student services to our Academic Partners.

Higher Education has the power to change lives. This belief unites all Embanet employees and forms the basis on which we build our partnerships.

Our values unite us.
We are a dynamic, growing organization dedicated to the success of our students and the academic institutions we represent. We believe in the work we do and know that by developing and championing online education, we in turn, are bettering people’s lives. Our core values are a reflection of this focus and passion.


We act and think like owners in order to attain personal greatness. Personal investment means taking pride in our work and accomplishments, being passionate about performance, unfailingly acting with integrity, and stepping up to help colleagues and partners achieve success.


We embody balanced wins, believing that all of us only truly succeed when our coworkers, our academic partners and their students succeed. Achieving this balance in our performance leads to a stronger partnership, engaged employees and satisfied students.


We strive to enhance everything. It’s the relentless drive to improve what we do and optimize how we do it. Innovation is the launch pad that enables us to solidify the foundation of Embanet while developing the future of online education.


We leverage our strengths to find solutions, seeing obstacles as opportunities to achieve better results. We anticipate challenges and proactively seek resolutions. We value and respect our past achievements while looking forward to our next opportunity.