Our Story

We are pioneers of online education.
We are innovators and trendsetters in the field of online education, proudly offering nearly two decades of experience partnering with top-tier, not-for-profit academic institutions to deliver fully realized online learning solutions.

Our history is one of proven and predictable performance driven by experience and exhaustive research. Together with our academic partners, we are leveraging technological innovation and a shift in the learning paradigm to create real educational and business solutions that are dynamically transforming and extending the way colleges and universities deliver knowledge.

When our minds are engaged we take ownership, we create solutions, acknowledge responsibility and contribute to the future success of Embanet and our academic partners.

A comprehensive service provider for quality online education and the support services that yield more qualified students, higher student satisfaction, and higher graduation rates; Embanet is focused on developing customized learning solutions that directly address the needs, concerns and goals of our academic partners. It’s this commitment that allows our partner institutions to concentrate on delivering high quality academics while we develop, deliver and support innovative online degree programs that can engage the minds of today’s learners.

The foundation of Embanet, and the single most important component of what makes us successful, is our people. We are a diverse collection of talented individuals. Together we collaborate and share our ideas to create a positive, lasting effect on higher education.