Content Advisory

Embanet values the confidentiality of its users. As we gather information of varying types from our users, the following describes our information gathering process and explains our position and your rights in dealing with Embanet. The following also explains how content is treated on the Embanet system.

Embanet requests a certain amount of information from our clients in order to provide the Embanet educational experience. You can read our full Privacy Policy here.

Terms of Use
All parties agree that they shall only use access provided to Embanet for lawful purpose. The author of any content posted is solely responsible for adherence to any and all laws, rules, regulations and directives while using Embanet. All users agree that they will not use Embanet to:

    • Post, upload, email or transmit in any manner anything that is illegal, obscene, libelous, profane, pornographic, defamatory, harassing, threatening, damaging or which infringes in any way upon another’s rights


    • Use Embanet in any manner for any illegal purpose contrary to the law Use Embanet to distribute any information which infringes upon any trademark, secret or copyright or any other proprietary information of another


    • Disrupt others on the Embanet systems in their daily such that it might cause a negative impact on another or in any way jeopardize their ability to utilize Embanet


    • Upload, post or transmit any unauthorized advertising or promotional materials in any form of solicitation directed at other users including the use of junk email, spam or chain letters


    • To attempt any activity which may be intended to disrupt or interfere with the service(s) provided by Embanet or its partners


    • Any user may at any time chose not to participate in any activity on the Embanet system at their discretion. This choice may be made on each person’s own behalf by contacting your member institution at any time so that instruction may be given to Embanet for account removal.


  • Users may change their personal information within the confines of their institution, provided that the platform in question is capable of performing to allow such request(s).

Web sites use small files called “cookies” to store small amounts of information pertinent to specific web pages. The information makes it possible to track items on your own computer, but cookies cannot transmit information to anyone from your hard drive. Instead a cookie can keep track of your personal preferences, maintain your location within a platform and help identify you as you move around on your platform. Several of our platforms require the use of cookies – they will not work if you have them turned off in your Internet browser. Also, if you have instructed your browser to warn you on the use of each cookie, you may become overwhelmed with warnings.

Course Content
Content uploaded to any Embanet platform remains the sole property of the author and/or its licensors. By uploading any content to an Embanet platform you authorize its accepted use on that platform for the reason intended within the reasonable usage expectations of the chosen platform. Embanet will not copy, modify, publish, distribute, perform, display, reproduce, license or transmit your content without the written permission of the author(s).

Some courses and platforms may contain links to other Internet sites other than the chosen platform. Embanet has no control over these other areas and assumes no responsibility for these areas nor does Embanet endorse any service, product, good or information found under these links, unless specifically endorsed by Embanet. Having these sites within any course also does not imply in any way a relationship with Embanet in any way and Embanet is not responsible for any action on their part.

Embanent is not responsible for any course content not authored by Embanet or an Embanet employee.