How a Partnership Works

Because of our ongoing commitment to support the goals of our Academic Partners, our relationships typically last many years. We work hard to ensure they are productive, collegial, and remain focused on the mutually established partnership objectives.

Support for you, our Academic Partner is delivered both directly and indirectly by our staff. Each partnership involves an Embanet cross-functional team headed by a Managing Director who directly oversees every aspect of the relationship.

The individuals identified in the inner circle of the image on this page work directly with their counterparts at your institution – generally on a weekly basis – to manage marketing and student support. They also collaborate with faculty on creating exceptional instructional design and developing strategies to ensure high retention rates.

All activities are carried out with the degree of participation that you desire – and always with complete transparency. Each academic term, the Managing Director meets with their counterparts from within your institution to evaluate progress and set future goals to facilitate the ongoing success of our partnership.