You make us unique. You make us successful.

Our people define who we are as a company. They are the heart and soul of everything we do. From the personal connection that bonds us to our Academic Partners to the relationships built through collaboration in our offices; the employees of Embanet are the foundation on which we exist.
We work hard to create and maintain these relationships – with our academic partners, with our vendors, and amongst ourselves. Our success depends on the engaged minds of our people, and we believe there’s no better way to cultivate growth and camaraderie, than to support the talent, dedication and personal passions that drive each one of us.

Engaged Minds operate at a higher level of focused thought, developing solutions while acknowledging responsibility. Engagement fosters intellectual curiosity, a demonstrated passion for learning and the acquisition of knowledge. The result is a contagious enthusiasm for the task at hand.

In order to engage our employees we actively encourage and set aside time to build strong relationships within each of the communities that surround our offices. To forge friendships and build solid professional connections we come together in team building and employee-centric events that unify us, challenge us, and allow us to celebrate our accomplishments – not to mention provide everyone with more than a few laughs.