Employee Events

Engaging employees through communication and connection.
The importance of coming together as a unified organization should not be underestimated. At Embanet we find that employee events are a great way to catch up with what’s happening at the company, share the latest news, celebrate our accomplishments, and sometimes just to have a good time.

Here are some of the events specifically for the employees of Embanet:

Quarterly All Hands Meetings
An overall state-of-the-company update from Embanet CEO and President, Steve Fireng. It’s a great opportunity to interact with other Embanet team members and ask questions about what we do and where we’re headed.

Monthly Socials
Every month one department in each of our three offices will choose a theme and host a social event where we recognize employee achievement, celebrate our accomplishments as a company, and enjoy some quality time over lunch with our co-workers.

Department Outings
Let’s celebrate reaching our goals. Whether it’s a game of kickball and a BBQ, or lunch and some laps around the go-cart track, recognizing our accomplishments as team keeps us working hard.

Bring your child to work day
The US locations of Embanet participate in national Bring Your Child to Work Day. This year the event included a company tour, group lunch, fun activities and time spent shadowing mom or dad in the afternoon.

Lunch and Learn
There are many talented employees throughout Embanet who are happy to share their knowledge with their co-workers. You provide the desire to learn, we’ll provide lunch.

Seasonal Events
Whether it’s our annual year-end holiday party or just taking the opportunity to celebrate the arrival of spring by getting outdoors; our seasonal events bring everyone together. Events have included an afternoon at the bowling alley, a day at the Arlington Race Track, a Halloween costume contest and more.

Fun and Games
When you’re working at a desk all day it’s important to get out and exercise. Embanet sponsors a company softball team, a flag football team, a golf day, and even a Ping-Pong tournament.