Minds Engaged

Minds Engaged.
At the heart of our business, and the single most important component of what makes us successful, are the employees of Embanet. We are a culturally diverse and tremendously talented collection of individuals, collaborating, and sharing our unique talents and ideas with the common goal of helping aspiring students find the right educational solution.

Our minds are thoroughly engaged in our individual professional performance and acutely aware of our shared company goals. We are committed to the success of every academic partnership and each individual degree program. Whether we’re assisting students with the enrollment process or developing marketing materials to aid in the recruitment process, we remain focused.

In our offices we work and grow together. With the support of Embanet we pursue our personal educational goals, we grow and we provide for our families, building lasting careers that we can be proud of. At our core we are dedicated to the concept of advancement through education. The employees of Embanet are encouraged to stay engaged through ongoing development and training. We are a community of passionate professionals who understand the need for real educational solutions for students and universities alike.