Faculty Support and Training

Faculty Support and Training

By supporting faculty we create positive academic outcomes.
At the heart of higher education are the faculty and staff members who provide the wealth of knowledge and direct student interaction that is so vital to all positive learning outcomes. While the delivery methods are different, online education will always rely on the expertise and passion of experienced teachers and other faculty members who remain dedicated to improving the lives of students through knowledge.

Embanet believes that a key element in building a successful online degree program is developing a well-trained, confident and supported faculty who understand how to use the unique properties of the online learning environment to improve academic outcomes.

Learning occurs differently online, and because the pedagogical tools differ, the support and training of faculty is an important part of launching an online learning environment. That’s why Embanet spends considerable time training faculty throughout their online experience. From the moment a course begins development, we engage faculty in training sessions that assist them with everything from curriculum development to developing media that supports learning, to the physical administration of the online classroom and learning system.

We also support faculty and staff once classes start, providing help desk services, in-class retention specialists and by smoothing out any logistical details that may arise. Faculty feel confident about working in the online environment and can focus on what really matters, their students’ learning experience.

We can help you find the right people to support your program.
Embanet can even help with recruiting experienced and qualified staff members who can support your program’s online development. With exponential growth in short periods of time, your program may have staffing needs. We’ll use your qualification standards to find a pool of applicants from which you can select and appoint.