Engaging potential students through innovative marketing.
Besides the reputation of your institution, what separates your degree program from your competitors? It’s a simple question and to you the answer is obvious, but for many potential students the differences won’t be immediately clear. This is just one reason why marketing plays an important and influential role in generating leads and enrolling qualified students.

Embanet creates all of our website and marketing materials to match the brand standards and meet specific needs of our Academic Partners. We determine and specifically address the target audience for your particular degree program. In addition we employ advanced techniques for utilizing direct response marketing, Search Engine Optimization, database marketing, email, social media, paid search, Pay-Per-Click, conferences, business-to-business, Online Educational Directories and traditional advertising. We strategically time and track our campaigns and follow-up communications to best meet your enrollment goals, resulting in an even, steady flow of predictable and high-quality enrollments.

Effective marketing must preserve brand integrity and expand brand awareness in order to create optimum lead flow. Our marketing team tracks daily performance to create highly customized lead-flow metrics and detailed benchmarks for success.

Before we hit the market, we do our homework.
Our most important work occurs long before any marketing campaign is created. Our creative team performs a deep dive into our Academic Partners’ brand and degree program, extracting the key elements that differentiate your program from your competition, determining the exact audience for your degree, and building a complementary message and marketing plan that can enhance even the strongest brand. The process results in what we call a BrandDNA℠, and it typically yields extraordinary effective body of marketing materials.

All of the marketing materials we develop are subject to the approval of our Academic Partners.